L.U.C Flying T Twin Baguette – Chopard’s First Flying Tourbillon Appears In Full Gala Attire

Press Release

L.U.C Flying T Twin Baguette – Chopard’s First Flying Tourbillon Appears In Full Gala Attire

The soft gleam of platinum. The sparkle of diamonds. The refinement of a Chopard flying tourbillon calibre. The ten L.U.C Flying T Twin Baguette timepieces perfectly master the formal elegance one expects on the steps of the Cannes Film Festival.

Drawing on all sources of nobility and exclusivity, Chopard adorns men's wrists with an extremely rare watch featuring the first Chopard movement equipped with a flying tourbillon: the L.U.C 96.24-L calibre. This pinnacle of watchmaking art is poised to shine amid the popping of camera flashes lighting up the red carpet leading to the Palais des Festivals.

Chopard, the Red Carpet jeweller

Chopard and cinema are caught up in a never-ending story of love and emotions. In 1998, on the initiative of Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director of Chopard, the Maison became an official partner to the world's largest film event: the Cannes International Film Festival. Since then, the mythical montée des marches ritual has been accompanied by dazzling creations carefully crafted in the Chopard workshops. And because gentlemen are equally keen to shine alongside women as the cameras flash at the Cannes Film Festival, Chopard is presenting a new edition of its first flying tourbillon watch, specially designed to be worn on the red carpet. The L.U.C Flying T Twin Baguette limited edition will be reserved for ten gentlemen who wish to own a timepiece that is as inwardly precious as it is outwardly refined.

Elegance and technique

A tuxedo of the finest summer wool. A Sea Island cotton pleated shirt with onyx buttons. A wide, slightly nonchalant velvet bow tie. Which watch could be better suited to this impeccably chic outfit – a subtle variation on the mandatory dress code theme for ascending the red-carpeted staircase at Cannes – than the L.U.C Flying T Twin Baguette? Carved from platinum. Adorned with baguette-cut diamonds. Fitted with a black hand-guillochéd solid gold dial featuring the gilded L.U.CHOPARD logo and a sunburst satin-brushed rim. Distinguished by impeccably slim proportions. Highlighting this veritable festival of Haute Horlogerie, it is equipped with an exquisitely crafted self-winding flying tourbillon movement. This 7.2 mm thick ten-piece limited edition watch is the masculine counterpart of Chopard's Red Carpet Collection, presented at the Cannes Film Festival.

The L.U.C Flying T Twin Baguette timepiece is a magnificent work of horological art, combining the excellence of manual finishing with that of materials, the exceptional brilliance of diamonds with the charisma of a precious metal. Raising both form and substance to the highest degree of sophistication, this timepiece nonetheless maintains a soberly understated approach entirely in keeping with the subtle codes governing evening wear. Already the acknowledged Red Carpet Jeweller and creator of dazzling jewellery, Chopard also naturally finds its way onto the wrists of actors, directors, producers and gentlemen from around the world. They needed a piece on a par with the event, capable of enhancing their wrists with its inherent exclusivity and brilliance. The L.U.C Flying T Twin Baguette is all this at once.